Power your depots.

Manage your depot in real time through our unique plateform and streamline your operational cost up to 30%.
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Why Shipzzer

Use the only complete application for your business
Automated Management
Your processes are digitalized to maximize your productivity.
Real-time Data
Manage your depots seamlessly by using our online Dashboard.
The only Pay-per-Use plateform on the market.0 CAPEX, O fixed cost.

Manage your depots
using only one interface

Shipzzer.com ease all your processes by accessing the latest technologies: Optical Container Recognition (OCR), Digitalized yard management, Ultra-intuitive EMR quotation process connected to your spare-part stocks, multi-depot reporting tools.
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“Using shipzzer enabled us to improve our productivity significantly while offering a better Customer Experience.”
Ali Yazidi,
Operational Direction, Maersk Logistics & Services Tunisia.

Shipzzer automates your depot processes using a simple and intuitive User Interface.

Improve your performance by using our visual management features.
Get the helicopter view using our online visual data display:
  • All your operations in a single Dashboard.
  • 600 pre-set reports‌
  • Fully scalable, you can go grow your business from 1 000 to 1 000 000 gates without any system change.
Ease Gate-In and Gate-Out processes.
Move your depot to the Digital era by standardizing and digitalizing your processes.
  • Our imbedded OCR is capturing Container Serial numbers as well as Truck plates.
  • E-Documentation improving user and customer experience by automated email and/or On-demand Interfaces.
  • Connected to all main liners through EDI and API pre-established.
Manage your operations live.
Visualize your inventory in one clic with Shipzzer and re-allocate your stacks based on your operational needs.
  • Manage empty slots.
  • Interface all workforce in real-time to gain effeciency.
Streamline your EMR operations.
Establish quotation, follow-up on repairs and manage spare-stocks has never been so easy.
  • Establish and send your quotation in 10 click max.
  • Pre-established repair tables & spare-parts catalogue
  • Automatic spare-parts management
  • Easy maintenance of contracts
Billable operations
A proven technology serving your operations
Live depots
Seamless digital implementation within days
Users are convinced by interfaces intuitivity
Referenced containers
Ease your operations by accessing a global database
Your depot towards digital age
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Manage your operations live.
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